45. Do you need a quantum meruit clause for your client contract?

🤷🏻‍♀️ Quantum meruit is latin for “what one has earned.” At least that’s what wikipedia says. But it also is a way for a person who has performed work for someone to receive $$$ if there is no breach of contract claim. But will a “quantum meruit clause” help you in your client contract if the client wants to cancel, or if there is the dreaded ‘force majeure’ event? This week on the podcast we dive deep into this topic. Also, I talk about best practices for making sure that you get jablu’DI’ on clients that want refunds. jablu’DI’ is Klingon for revenge. At least, that’s what a Klingon told me. 

✔️What quantum meruit means for keeping money

✔️How the court compensates for breach of contract 

✔️Best practices for keeping payments, deposits, retainers, etc

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