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Wedding Vendor Contract Terms

Did you get a chance to see me speak (x 3) at the Wedding MBA 2014 in Las Vegas? I hope so. If not, here’s a recap of my seminar titled “Loopholes: Three Clauses Your Wedding Business Contract is Missing.” The following are three clauses that wedding business professionals may consider placing in their service […]

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Are Non-Disparagement or No-Review Clauses in Wedding Vendor Contracts Enforceable?

Can I have a non-disparagement or no-review clause in my contract? Not if you’re in California. On September 9th, 2014, Governor Jerry “doo-doo” Brown(1) signed into law bill AB 2365, aka the “Yelp Bill.” The statute provides that any contract for the sale of consumer goods or services “may not include a provision waiving the […]

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