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Revisiting #WeddingPhotoGate – A Wedding Lawyer’s Perspective

Like the cream I use for my rash that won’t go away, I like to keep this blog topical. What good is an online resource of legal news and education otherwise? Unfortunately, I’m about six months too late on #weddingphotogate. Still, what this post lacks in timeliness, it makes up for with potent legal analysis. […]

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Signed Agreement But No Deposit: Is There a Contract?

Helaine Olen over at Slate provides advice to a young couple regarding the enforceability of a wedding photography contract. Of course, yours truly gets to add his two cents. Welcome to Ask the Bills, where every two weeks Helaine Olen answers readers’ questions about their most nagging personal-finance and financial-etiquette dilemmas. Seeking advice on a […]

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