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Can I Use Copyrighted Music In My Wedding Videos?

Once again, we at Wedding Industry Law Online are honored to have Atlanta Trademark Lawyer Robert J. (“Jeff”) Veal (the other Ragin’ Cajun) drop some intellectual property knowledge. I ask the Q’s, he gives the A’s. You should listen up. Why? Jeff Veal is a 30 year veteran of intellectual property law, having counseled thousands of clients on patents, […]

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Gear and Health: What Happens When They Give Out?

What are the legal ramifications when equipment problems or health issues prevent a wedding professional from performing? WHAT HAPPENS IF MY STUFF DOESN’T WORK? Many wedding professionals utilize technology. Coordinators may need their IPADS with special apps. DJs need their laptops and elaborate light set up. Photographers have those weird flash thingies. Most pros require at least […]

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