Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show 2014

Wedding DJ Contract Breach

The Lone DJ approves….

A big thanks to Michael Buonaccorso of Mobile Beat Magazine for allowing me to leave the dreary cold of Atlanta for the dreary cold of Las Vegas to present at Mobile Beat 18! I had a great time, met lots of DJs and Event Professionals, and learned a lot more about the industry.


Wedding DJ Contract Law

At some point, I will need to replace this laptop……


This was the first event conference where I provide two seminars. On Wednesday, I spoke for about an hour on “Contract Basics for DJ’s and Event Professionals (Part I).”  At this seminar, I covered topics ranging from non-refundable deposits, obtaining photo releases from clients, and what happens if momma pays, but the Bride signs the contract. Although it was 8:30AM, the DJ’s were awake and full of questions, and I had a great time keeping on my toes during the Q & A.


In fact, I plan on incorporating many of the questions that I received from the crowd into upcoming blog posts. Be on the look out for those in the coming weeks. Apparently, disgruntled clients cancelling credit card payments has become a real problem in the industry.


Wedding and Event Professionals Contract Law

If you present, they will come….

After spending the following several hours meeting DJ’s, winning some money, losing lots of money, then losing more money, I turned in to my room at the Riviera. The next morning, I arrived at the convention bright and early for “Contract Basics for DJ’s and Event Professionals (Part II).” (I admit that I was not very creative with titling them…). At this seminar, I covered some more ‘advanced’ topics, including royalties to performing rights organizations for songs played, what ‘performer’s discretion’ means, and whether it is a good idea to guarantee that a song gets played. Again, I really enjoyed the crowd participation and the Q & A.


Wedding DJ and Event Professionals Contract

Nothing says classy like a bunch of thongs….

All and all, I had a fantastic time! I look forward to speaking next year! Maybe next time, the Slots-of-Fun will have their table games back!


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