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Wedding MBA 2013 Recap


Wedding MBA = TED Talk

In case you missed it, the 2013 Wedding Business Merchant Academy was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 1st through October 3rd. The Wedding MBA is a fantastic wedding business expo, featuring dozens of exhibitors and loads of informative seminars, with attendance in the thousands. I had a blast and got to meet hundreds of wedding business professionals.




Also, I got a chance to put a few people to sleep with my Seminar, “You’ve Been Served: Contract Basics for Wedding Professionals.” For those that expressed interest in receiving the slides to this presentation, said slides are in the proverbial mail. We’re currently playing catch up at Wedding Industry Law and should have those out to everyone by the end of next week.



Rob Schenk and Shannon Underwood, rocking the mic.

Although I could spend hours describing all the cool people that I met, I just wanted to give a quick shout to Shannon Underwood with the Wedding MBA: While the Flux Capacitor makes time travel possible, Shannon has made my presence at the Wedding MBA possible. She’s a super cool lady and we at Wedding Industry Law are truly appreciative of the opportunities that she has provided us! Rock on!



Swag. Trophies. Coffee.

Didn’t get a chance to see us rock the mic? Contact us for a copy of the slides to the Seminar. Rather hear it in person, contact us to see about having a bald attorney speak about the law at your next wedding business function.


Are Clients Responsible to Wedding Venue for Guests’ Behavior?

Question Originally Appearing on AVVO

Everyone went left….

“Who is liable for a wedding party booking at our hotel? Guests were very intoxicated and caused lots of problems.Who is liable for a wedding party booking at our hotel? Guests were very intoxicated and caused lots of problems. Hotel privately owned. Guests of the wedding stayed with us and had been served way too much alcohol. Other guests disrupted and requested their money back. Also this party threw furniture out of the pool and caused damage to a vehicle parked in our lot.”

Response (from Attorney Rob Schenk):

“Under the State’s Dram Shop Laws, an establishment serving alcohol to patrons already appearing intoxicated may be liable for the property damaged caused by such patrons’ subsequent actions. For example, the individual with the damaged car may potentially have a claim against your hotel if your staff served a drunk guest, and that particular guest smashed the car.

If this was a third-party vendor operating out of your hotel, I would highly suggest that you do not allow that particular vendor to serve at future functions. As the owner of the establishment, you have the ability to dictate the terms of the contract with regards to whom the wedding party may retain for the festivities taking place there. Clearly, to reduce your liability, you would only want “preferred vendors” that you can trust.”

Moral of the Story: Call the Cops when the partying gets out of hand. Or have some more drinks.