The Wedding Photographer has one of the most important jobs at the Event. While the other vendors work involves making the wedding go smooth, the Wedding Photographer’s job is to make sure that the event may be revisited forever. This is why clients are almost always the most critical of photographers. As such, you should make sure your contract protects you to the fullest extent of the law. 

Read more about wedding photography contracts here. You’d be surprised.

What is included in my Contract Purchase?

I want this to be the best Wedding Photography Contract that you have ever had! Included with your purchase:

  • 60 Minute Telephone Conference to Review Your Contract
  • Follow-Up Telephone Conference (if you want!)
  • Access (via email) for real-world questions about your contract at NO CHARGE (“the client doesn’t like XYZ term, should I change it for them?”)

Wedding Photography BUNDLE: $1300.00

Why not save some cash? Purchase all three contracts at a discount. The Wedding Photography BUNDLE includes:

  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement/Assistant Shooter Agreement
  • Dispute Resolution Agreement

Wedding Photography Contract: $800.00

The Wedding Photography Contract is the document signed by the client and photographer memorializing the terms and conditions of the event. Items covered in the Wedding Photography Contract:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit
  • Copyright
  • Image Use
  • Exclusivity
  • & More!

Independent Contractor Agreement: $500.00

The Independent Contractor Agreement is the document signed by non-employees that perform work for you or at the event. For example, assistant shooters. Items covered in the Independent Contractor Agreement:

  • Payment & Scope of Work
  • Social Media Use
  • Non-Solicitation of Guests
  • & More!

Dispute Resolution Agreement: $500.00

The Dispute Resolution Agreement is a document signed by the vendor and the client if something went wrong or the client is unhappy for some reason. The Dispute Resolution Agreement acts as a settlement agreement between the parties. Items covered by the Dispute Resolution Agreement:

  • Non-Disparagement
  • Agreement Not to Sue
  • Confidentiality