Take These Flowers, They’ll Smell Great. Take This Check, It’ll Bounce.

Question Originally Appearing on AVVO

“Deadbeat clients will be beaten to death with flowers” – Old Klingon Proverb

Question (from anonymous in New York):

My wife gave a post dated check for the remaining balance on our wedding flowers and it bounced its been a few months now: we paid more then half the full amount of the flowers before we gave the check. what should we do and what is the law”

Response (from Attorney Rob Schenk):

In New York, failing to have sufficient money in the account at the time that the check was to be cashed may cause a presumption that you intended to defraud the florist from the get-go. This can lead to both civil AND criminal proceedings against you.

I would highly advise that you reach out to the florist. If you do not have the money, then set up a payment plan. This is the surest way to stay out of trouble.

Good Luck!!

Moral of the Story: This is why I recommend that wedding vendors receive payment in full prior to event date.


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