Wedding Lawyer Rob Schenk on the Bill and Jason Show!!!!! #DJNTV

Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2015 creeps closer and closer!  Produced by Mike Buonaccorso and hosted by Bill Hermann and Jason Jones (AKA THE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE), MBLV is the premier national DJ convention. From February 23rd through February 26th at the Riviera Hotel and Casino (that’s the one with the statues of the showgirls on the front), attendees “will experience the presentations, the exhibits, the parties, and more. MBLV promises a stellar lineup of presenters including​ Mark Ferrell, ​ Brian DodgeGary Shapiro, Wedding Lawyer Rob SchenkJosh YawnBen StoweJoe​ ​Bunn​Carr Hagermann, and special guest, PENN JILLETTE!!!”

Bill Hermann and Jason Jones are top notch dudes. Not only are they DJs, educators, and the hosts of the MBLV 2015, they just happen  to host an awesome weekly vlog/podcast. This week, I appeared live via satellite. Check out our conversation about DJ lawsuits, Eminem, poker, and Event Industry legal stuff.

Interested in the MBLV? I will be presenting:

“The People vs. John Q. DJ”

What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? Real litigious, that is. Wedding Lawyer and Trial Attorney Rob Schenk, with the help of some friends, presents “The People vs. John Q. DJ”, a seminar designed to inform and entertain the Mobile DJ on common lawsuits brought against DJs. From breach of contract to misrepresentation, the DJ can find him or herself facing steep verdicts. Want the ammunition to fight off such claims? Don’t miss it!

Come to this seminar to learn the following:

Can a verbal contract be legally enforceable?

Can I be on the hook for pain and suffering if I’m late to the event?

Do I need to get permission to photograph the event?

Can I sue if my ex-client disparages me online?



For further information, contact an attorney in your area. Don't know any? Go to and search. It's super easy!