Wedding Lawyer Q & A

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What is a “Wedding Lawyer”?

“Yo, I’m happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish. But I just wanted to say that R.B. Photography has the best Client Contract of all time!!”

As the wedding industry continues to expand, businesses become increasingly open to unique legal liabilities. How about, when a wedding photographer forgets to capture a first kiss or when a planner bails? Or, on the flip side, when a bride defames a wedding venue, cancels the wedding AND wants that deposit back, or the wedding party breaks a bunch of stuff. Often times, the fallout from these pitfalls can be reduced by proper legal counsel and an attorney-drafted contract. That’s where a “Wedding Lawyer”  (AKA “Wedding Business Lawyer” AKA “Da Bridezilla Killa'”) comes in. A wedding lawyer is an attorney with not just a business law background, but a concentration on representing those vendors in the wedding and event industry. This type of lawyer understands the particulars of non-refundable deposits, non-disparagement clauses and negative online reviews, event insurance, trademarks, and copyrights.

More directly, a wedding lawyer specializes in providing legal protection for the wedding business professional. I loved the television show A-Team. You may recall that Mr. T played the character B.A. Baracus, the team’s muscle and mechanical genius. You may even recall that B.A. (aka “Bosco Albert” aka “Bad Attitude”) had a few catch phrases, like “I pity the fool,” “I ain’t getting on no plane,” and simply “Sucka.” I particularly liked his catchphrase, “If it’s got wheels, I can fix it.” This is kind of like the wedding lawyer. If the issue concerns the law and a wedding business, I can fix it.


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