Wedding Business Lawyer on Wedding Market Chat!

We had the pleasure of being the featured industry guest on this Wednesday’s Wedding Market Chat, where, via Twitter, we answered several questions presented by wedding business professionals. What did this Wedding Business Lawyer have to say? Click here to find out. Here’s a snippet of the juicy bits….

Wedding Market Chat

“I tried this dress on. It’s a little tight in the waist.”

Wedding Business Lawyer on Wedding Market Chat

@weddinglawyers : Forming an LLC is like having some armor, but it cannot prevent a client from swinging an axe at you.

@SYTInvitations How important is it to get liability insurance as a sole proprietor or even a partnership?

@weddinglawyers : I highly recommend liability insurance for Sole P’s.

@SYTInvitations is it necessary to have both parties I.e. Bride/groom sign the contract?

@weddinglawyers :  Generally, you can only shake down for money the persons that sign the contract . Good idea to have both clients sign, to go after two different bank accounts if they breach. 

@mlvlatina  Kanye West Is being very vocal about Annie Leibovitz. Would this be an example of defamation?

@weddinglawyers : I have not seen anything that screams ‘defamation’ yet. Has AL publicly responded?

@mlvlatina No, not yet. I’m watching this closely.

@weddinglawyers : Me too. AL  is a “public figure,” so the bar is set very high for her to prove defamation against Kanye.




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