Wedding Lawyer Rob Schenk Yapping About Wedding Business Law Stuff….

Attorney TalkI had the honor of being a guest on Ken Thayer‘s ATTORNEY TALK: CASUAL CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE LAW this week! Ken and I discussed all things wedding law. Here’s the show description:

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Rob Schenk, who is a trial attorney that practices in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, and New York. Since 2012, Rob has become one of America’s predominant wedding lawyers and is the editor of During the episode, Ken and Rob discuss what wedding lawyers do, liquated damages, how wedding law is different to business litigation, contract inclusions, WedForms, and dispute resolutions.

 Main Questions Asked:

  • What is a wedding lawyer?
  • Is this a practice where you have to be a member of the bar in the particular state where your clients are located?
  • Which states are more open to hybrid contract tort claims in wedding cases?
  • Is there still a requirement that, if you are pleading out you suffered an emotional distress, it has to be backed up with medical evidence?
  • Have vendors received pushback from clients?
  • Are your adversaries attorneys who usually get involved with contract disputes after the alleged breach occurred?
  • Talk about Web Forms.
  • Do most of these contract disputes get litigated, or get resolved prior?


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