Wedding Lawyer Rob Schenk on the Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

Hey You Guys! Check me out on the latest episode of the Wedding Industry Insiders podcast, hosted by Eddie Babbage. Thanks so much for having me, Eddie!

Here are some of the important points that we address in this interview:

  • How to protect yourself in the event your client cancels the wedding
  • The legal issues that arise when someone other than the couple signs your contract
  • How to properly secure the rights to images from your events
  • How to handle situations where clients want to publicly post negative feedback about your services
  • The two vital roles your contract should serve for your business
  • Legal rules that determine when your team members are employees versus independent contractors
  • The right way and the wrong way to go about drafting your contract
  • His most valuable piece of advice for achieving success as a wedding professional


WII 028: Rob Schenk Equips You with an Understanding of Key Legal Issues


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