Wedding Venue News Round-Up

There’s been plenty of stories in the news lately of Wedding Venues either disappearing into the night, or being forced to shut down due to improper zoning. Here’s the latest round-up:

Louisville Farm Operating as Wedding Venue

The grass may be blue in Kentucky, but Karela Cox is attempting to make some green on the side. Cox has turned a portion of her late-husband’s family farm, continuously operating since 1851, into a Wedding Venue. After booking about four weddings in 2013, and tripling that for 2014, Cox received the dreaded ‘cease and desist’ from the local government. Apparently, her neighbors aren’t too keen on having 150-200 wedding guest driving down the back roads, or music blaring from their tranquil neighborhood. I mean, if you don’t want to hear the Macarena at 10PM on a Saturday, why would you move to rural Kentucky? Gee whiz. The reason for the shutdown? Cox’s farm is zoned ‘residential.’ However, under a new law, farmers are granted a little leeway with regard to commercial activities taking place on the premises. Will this include hosting weddings? Stay tuned.

Michigan Wedding Venue Get’s Liquor Licence Suspended

Maddy Yope and James Gomez are moving forward with their wedding as scheduled, even though the reception is going to be drier than a popcorn fart. Apparently, their wedding venue, the B.O.B., will be forced to begin its liquor suspension on the day that the soon-to-be-weds reserved the location. Here’s another bummer, they can’t shoot fireworks either. “The whole idea was we’ll have fireworks from the balcony of The B.O.B.. Everyone will be there it will kinda be like a cool just all-in-one. And then the fireworks got moved.” But hey, look on the bright side. Actually. Don’t this really sucks.

New York Wedding Venue Owner Pleads Guilty

Jason Stevens, the owner of the Brooklyn wedding venue reBar plead guilty to tax fraud and grand larceny. As part of his plea deal, he’s looking at three and a third to 10 years in the pokey. Prosecutors say he stole about $200,000 in sales tax collected between 2009 and 2012 and failed to collect more than $1 million in taxes on the business the same period. Even though this prosecution isn’t the result of the shutdown, brides and grooms left in the lurch are still happy that he is seeing some jail time. 


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