Episode 15. Wedding Industry Law Podcast – The One About Companies Using Your Instagram Photos

Do you lose copyright protection when posting a photo to Instagram? A recent U.S. District Court decision (Sinclair v. Ziff Davis LLC) seems to suggest so. In that case, photographer Stephanie Sinclair’s photo was used by Mashable without permission. But, the Judge found that because only the “embed code,” not the photo, was used, no copyright infringement took place. This week on the podcast, we interview James Bartolomei and Bryan Hoben, attorneys for Sinclair, to get the full scoop. 

James Bartolomei: https://www.duncanfirm.com/copyright-and-trademark-infringement

Bryan Hoben: https://www.hobenlaw.com/



MASHABLE ARTICLE: https://mashable.com/2016/03/19/female-photojournalists-social-justice/

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