23. The client signed! But do you really have a contract?

Is there a particular order to forming a legally binding contract with your client? In other words, do you have a deal with a handshake, a signed contract, receipt of money, or some combination? In truth, it depends!  On this week’s podcast, learn how to avoid “contract formation” problems and start your client relationships on solid footing!

Don’t worry- Your contract is your secret weapon 

Whether you have a binding agreement will often depend on what constitutes the client’s “acceptance” of your terms. Good news. You can handle all that with your contract language. Tune in this week to learn how! 

In this episode, find out:

What it means if client signs but doesn’t pay deposit (& vice versa)

If you are  required to countersign your contract

Whether e-signatures are legal

Do you need a notary?

Episode 5:  Worst Contract Terms

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