Can I Sue My Wedding Videographer for a Late Wedding Video?

Can I sue my wedding videographer for my video and a refund if she has broken her contract ?: My wedding videographer has not given us the highlight video nor the actual wedding video and she is 4 months over due the promised date on her contract. She has made every excuse of why she has not given us the video and keeps giving us false dates of when we should receive it. Every time it’s a new excuse. I want my video and I want a refund. We have contacted each other mostly through email and she has even written that she knows she broke the contract and is sorry but still no product. I paid $1,050.

Response (from Attorney Rob):

Yes, you will be able to sue the videographer for breach of contract for failing to provide the product that you had bargained for (Highlight Video and Wedding Video). At the very least, your damages will be the price paid under the contract ($1050.00).

Prior to filing suit, I would highly advise that you have an attorney draft a demand letter stating that the Videographer has until a date certain to provide the videos, or at least the raw video and a full refund, or you will sue.

Generally, an attorney demand letter can get the ball rolling.

Moral of the Story: Wedding Videographers everywhere: Don’t hide the ball. If you are behind, offer something of value in return! This will help keep potential lawsuits from happening.