Is groom liable to wedding vendors if bride runs away?

Question (from anonymous in Illinois):

“Who is responsible to pay for lost deposit money for cancelled wedding if the other party cancels.: the other party canceled wedding and are asking us to pay half of lost deposit money”

Response (from Attorney Rob):

If both you and your ex-fiance signed the agreements with the wedding vendors, and more money is owed to those vendors, they lawfully will be able to come after both of you. In other words, it won’t matter who cancelled the contract with regards to the financial obligations to the wedding vendors. However, if it is just a matter of reimbursing your ex-fiance for the deposits that he/she paid, then you can make the argument that such losses are a result of her/his cancelling of the wedding.

Moral of the Story: Whomever signs the contract is on the hook to the wedding vendor. If both sign, it will be up to the bride and groom to sort out the financials between the two when a wedding vendor needs to shake the money tree.