Wedding Lawyer in Above the Law!

We had the honor of being quoted over at the always snarky ABOVE THE LAW. If you’re not familiar with ATL Blog, you are missing out. Probably the best site on the web for lawyers, law students, and fans of funny legal news. Apparently, enough lawyers are throwing hissyfits about their weddings that we were sought out for some basics on wedding business pitfalls.

Be sure to click HERE for the entire article, and to capture all 100% of the snark. Here are some extracts:

“1. Get It in Writing. Some of the worst stories that I hear are from family members or friends of friends that offer their services “as a gift” or on the cheap, or fly-by-night vendors hired for crazy cheap off of Craigslist. Usually, there is a “gentleman’s agreement,” with nothing set in stone. Then, the worst happens….”

“2. Getting Back a Deposit. Make sure that the contract is explicit about when and how (if at all) you get the deposit back in the event of postponement or cancellation. Just because it says “deposit” does not necessarily mean that it’s like a residential rental lease, i.e., you get the money back at some point. A “non-refundable deposit,” in legalese mumbo-jumbo, is referred to as a “liquidated damages clause,” meaning the client and vendor agree that such amount will make the vendor whole should the clients cancel (i.e., breach)….”

“3. Parents Paying. Generally, in the law, the party that signs the service contract is the party to whom the service provider must listen. When your mom or dad pays AND signs, it places you in the position of a “third party beneficiary,” a legal no-man’s land and the subject of many law school exams. While you are to receive the services, you are not technically a party to the contract….”