Wedding Lawyer ROB on the Celebration Show!

Thanks so much to Han Hills for having me on his Celebration Show podcast. This dude is a total class act, and we talked about all things officiants, deposits, contracts, copyright, and more. Here’s some information about the Celebration Show:

If you have listened to any episode of the show (I hope you have), you will know I am originally from the United Kingdom. The Thanksgiving holiday is not one we celebrate, and so things can feel a little bleak between Guy Fawkes night and the end of year festivities. I am sure, if we put our minds to it, the Brits could come up with something fun to celebrate, and fill that cold, winter gap. Do you have a suggestion? Why not write and let me know ([email protected]). That’s all from me for this week. Happy listening, and don’t forget to look for something to celebrate every day …. because life should be a celebration!