Wedding Lawyer Q & A with Wedding Industry Rescue

Please head on over to Wedding Industry Rescue and read their latest blog featuring yours truly. In a chilling expose, I answer the following common questions had by all Wedding Business Professionals, like:

If I have a contract that says “deposit non-refundable”, under what terms can a client come back and try to get it back? 

Retainer vs. Deposit–which is better to use?

What is the most overlooked item in a contract that can really harm you as a business owner?

What wording should I use in my contract to give me the right to use their personal and detail wedding images in my portfolio, blog, submissions, etc?

Why is Return of the Jedi your favorite of the original trilogy? That doesn’t make any sense. Clearly it’s Empire. 

Thanks to Cheryl Bailey for the opportunity to be a know-it all yet again.