Can Bride sue Bridesmaid for backing out of wedding?

Question (from anonymous in Illinois):

“My bridesmaid cancelled a week before the wedding and I am unable to find a replacement. Can I sue her for this? Bridesmaid said she will not stand up at the wedding a week prior to the reception because she doesn’t like the bridesmaid dresses. I am unable to find a replacement and was wondering if this would be a breach of verbal contract.”

Response (from Attorney Rob):

I doubt the sincerity of this question, but here goes:

Can you sue your bridesmaid for breach of a verbal agreement to be in your wedding? Yes. Can you sue Taco Bell because the Doritos Locos Taco is so delicious that it causes you distress? Yes. But, here’s the problem- you’re certainly not going to win anything…except maybe a funny article in a legal blog (they do exist).

How are you damaged? The law will only compensate you if it can quantify your injury. Here, even if this could be considered a contract, you really aren’t out anything. You have the option of returning the dress, selling it, or just finding someone else to wear it.

I would suggest that you move along with your wedding and forget about a lawsuit. Probably just talk bad about her for a while and make her feel guilty. That will make you feel better.

Moral of the Story: Not sure about this one.