Wedding Lawyer Q & A on the Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

I’ve been told that I have a face for podcasts. Apparently, someone told that to Heidi Thompson, wedding business marketing genius over at Evolve Your Wedding Business. Heidi has an extremely informative podcast series on her site, with topics ranging from “Powerful Pricing” to “Increasing Pinfluence.” Don’t have a clue what those mean? Me neither, that’s why you have gotta listen and learn, baby. Her latest, featuring yours truly, is quite the swashbuckler: “Legally Protecting Your Ass and Your Assets.” Click the link to (1) be mesmerized by my soothing vocals, and (2)  learn the following:

  • The most common mistake wedding professionals make when it comes to protecting themselves legally
  • The most overlooked item in a contract that can come back to bite you in the ass
  • How to prevent “scope creep” which is where your customer is asking more of you than agreed upon
  • How to define your communication guidelines with your clients
  • Who you need to get consent from in order to use images in your portfolio
  • What to include in your contract to make sure you have the right to use your wedding photos to promote your business
  • The truth about non-refundable deposits
  • How non-refundable payment plans work and why they can be better than just getting a deposit
  • How to structure your payment plan to make sure you get paid for work you’ve done even in the case of a cancellation
  • Why you should be clear with your clients about your workflow and what they can expect from you
  • Why it’s so important to be clear on what happens to the money paid & money owed in the event of a cancellation