Snakes on a Plane

Question (from anonymous in California):

“My boss or Samuel L. Jackson owes me $100. We all know Samuel L. Jackson is dope. Not only is he the Foot F*cking Master and a Bad MotherF*cker he is without question the coolest and biggest movie star in the history of film. He is my second-favorite ever, just behind every girl who has ever done porn. Almost all of us. I told my boss that the no other actor’s film accounted for a higher total box office than that generated by SLJack movies. He made a big fuss about it and so I bet him my last $100. Of course, I’m right. Just google SLJack. Proof of my pop culture superiority is the first thing to show up. That was ten days ago and he just laughs when I bring it up. Can I press charges against for theft and then sue him for damages.”

Response (from Attorney Rob):

“Not a valid and enforceable contract. Also, I would be wary to tell a Judge about your illegal gambling (depending on where you made the wager). However, according to Wikipedia, you are actually wrong about the Samuel Jackson statistic. He is the 2nd highest (accounting for both supporting and leading roles).”

Moral of the Story: It’s the one that says “Bad MF” on it.