Wedding Lawyer Rob on TV

Thanks to Karen Brown and Joseph Pleasant at WKRN-TV Nashville for some screen time! See my photograph speak about the importance of having a written contract, and some tips for hiring a wedding vendor.

The mother of a woman set to be married in April has filed a small claims lawsuit against Premier Party Planning, LLC’s owner Angela Warfield-Nevils. Nicole Woods’ daughter Jasmine is a co-plaintiff in the suit that asks for a total of $3,753.06. That total includes $1,900 for the unavailability of the venue that Premier Planning owns and $203.06, the cost of reprinting invitations to update the reception location. Woods is also asking for the cost difference of replacing the reception venue and catering, which is $1,550.00. The mother and daughter also want reimbursement of $100 for hiring a private investigator to find the physical address of Warfield-Nevils so she could be serviced with the civil lawsuit.