Wedding venue’s same-sex marriage policy litigated by heterosexual couple

Here’s an interesting article covering a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania heterosexual couple against a wedding venue that refuses to host same-sex weddings. The couple, after signing the contract and laying down the deposit, found out about the wedding venue’s policies. Disagreeing with the venue’s stance and not wanting to offend their own LGBT guests, the couple then requested the deposit back. The wedding venue refused, and of course, cue the lawyers.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, featuring my take on the issue of businesses discriminating against (or refusing service to, depending on what side of the aisle you are on) same-sex couples:

“If federal or state law doesn’t step in to stop these practices [discriminating against same-sex couples], the free market will and is,” [Rob the Lawyer] said. “All around the country there are websites that say here are the gay-friendly venues and here are the ones that are not. Let those places that take a hardline against marriage equality just go out of business.”

Read the full article here.